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About Vanderbilt

Vanderbilt University calls Nashville, Tennessee home — a thriving, intellectually stimulating city and a center for healthcare, higher education, business, and technology. With strong trans-institutional programs among its 10 schools as well as partnerships with neighboring institutions and the community, Vanderbilt’s focus on issues of wide-ranging significance generates collaborations across multiple fields, including a medicine. Vanderbilt is a world-class center for scholarly research, informed and creative teaching, and service to the community and society at large.

Peabody College of Education and Human Development

With a genealogy dating to a one-room Nashville schoolhouse in 1785, Peabody College today is a world-class college of education and human development. Our mission is to enhance the human condition, with a particular focus on children’s learning and development. We do this as we always have, through the preparation of teachers and leaders; through cycles of research, implementation, and refinement; through service to families, schools, and communities; and through external engagement with professionals, leaders, and policy-makers. Peabody’s focus on learning differences has helped to define the college, as has a reputation for empirical rigor in educational neuroscience; child, family, and community development; special education; the learning sciences; and educational leadership and policy. Peabody is devoted to creating opportunity in an increasingly diverse society and to solving large societal problems.

Independent School Leadership (M.Ed.)

Unlock your potential as an innovator and leader. Explore and master the skills needed to effectively lead an independent school community with a master’s degree in Independent School Leadership from Vanderbilt University.

You’ll partner with current and aspiring independent school leaders who bring an incredible depth of experience and expertise. Together, you’ll work to navigate the complex educational, political, social, fiscal, and moral dimensions that independent schools face today.

In the end, you’ll be prepared to reach higher levels of achievement for your career and the independent schools you seek to serve.

Vanderbilt University

Vanderbilt University


Winter Webinar Series

Stay Up-to-Date on Hot Topics in Independent School Business & Business Operations

From endowment spending to hiring and retention strategies, learn about the latest information most relevant to your job as an independent school professional in an easy and accessible format. Webinars are held on select Thursdays at 3 PM ET. 

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