PurchasingPoint FAQs

Who is eligible to participate in PurchasingPoint?

Any school member of NBOA located within the U.S. has access to the discounts available through PurchasingPoint.

How do I enroll in PurchasingPoint?

Visit the PurchasingPoint portal and click "Register." The first person from your organization to do this will be prompted to fill in brief information about your organization, and will be asked to agree to the terms of participation. After your enrollment is verified you will be notified of your organization's unique ID (called "GPOID"). This process can take up to 48 hours. You will use this ID to prove your eligibility in the program when working with individual vendors.

Can I enroll in PurchasingPoint if I am a member of another purchasing group?

If your school is a member of a state, local, or regional purchasing group, you are eligible to enroll in PurchasingPoint. However, if your school is already a member of a national purchasing group, you are not eligible to participate in the NBOA PurchasingPoint program.

I'm not part of a health care organization; can I still enroll in PurchasingPoint?

Yes. The HealthTrust Purchasing Group (HPG) is simply the name of the overall purchasing cooperative. NBOA partners with The National Assembly Business Services (NABS), a member of the HPG that operates PurchasingPoint for certain nonprofit organizations, including NBOA.

What if I have trouble logging in?

You can contact PurchasingPoint's customer service representatives through the Contact tab at the top of the portal or by calling the customer service number listed at the bottom of the portal. Most inquiries are handled within 24–48 hours. Hours of operation are 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM EST, Monday - Friday.

Can more than one person at my school create a profile on PurchasingPoint?

Yes, we encourage every person at your school who has purchasing responsibilities—from the IT director to the office manager to the CFO—to create a profile on the portal. This will provide each person with the NBOA discounts available for your organization as well as the steps necessary for your organization to obtain those discounts.

Do I have to sign up with each vendor from whom I want to purchase?

Yes, one person initially signs up with each vendor to create an account (or convert an existing account—such as FedEx) in order to receive that vendor's discounts. PurchasingPoint serves as a gateway to discounts more significant than those available any other way.

What if I am already using a vendor in the PurchasingPoint program? Do I still get a discount?

Yes, you can convert your existing account to one that is tied to the NBOA program pricing. As you register on the vendor profile, be sure to indicate—either on the Quick Sign Up form or in your communication with the vendor contact—that you have an existing account.

How do I sign up with a vendor?

Signing up is the process of notifying a vendor that you would like to receive discount pricing from that vendor due to your NBOA membership. Enrollment instructions are provided on each of the vendor profile pages within the PurchasingPoint portal. Locate the vendor name or logo to easily contact the vendor.

What is my GPOID and where can I find it?

Your GPOID is a simple alphanumeric code that each vendor will ask you to provide when you register with that company. It serves as proof of NBOA membership eligibility for program discounts. You can find your GPOID in the "Your Profile" section at the top right of any page.

How long will the sign-up process take with each vendor?

The sign-up process varies from vendor to vendor. With FedEx, for example, simply use the Quick Sign Up form and your rates will be tied to NBOA program pricing within 5 business days. Other vendors require additional setup and, therefore, take longer to tie your account to the NBOA program pricing.

Whom should I contact if I have questions about a specific vendor?

A vendor contact is listed on each of the vendor profiles.

What is PurchasingPoint's privacy policy?

The privacy policy can be viewed here.

Answer not here?

Contact Chris Kalavsky at chris.kalavsky@nboa.org or 202-407-7146. If you are having technical issues, please contact PurchasingPoint's customer support.

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